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High Five Camera Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Andrew Maxwell-Parish's latest invention won't cure disease or make him a millionaire. Still, his High Five Camera is putting smiles…

Trying To Get A High Five In Dayz

While playing the new multiplayer survival horror video game DayZ, 1TimeGames met one quite unfriendly gamer.  After noticing another player, he raised…

Vaseline High Five Prank

Prankster Jack Vale and his crew may have come up with their most evil prank yet. Just as excited moviegoers…

Cat Gives Hi-Five

This short, GIF worthy video by Marco Wichmann has just gone viral. What's more likely to go viral on the Internet than…

Cat Gives High Five

Even the simplest videos can go viral, like this video of a cat giving multiple high fives to a floating…



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