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Tallest High School Basketball Player Is Like A Giant

Tacko 'Taco' Fall is making headlines as the tallest high school basketball player in the world. Standing at 7 feet,


Team Manager With Down Snydrome Scores Four 3-Pointers At End Of Game

Senior Kevin Grow of Bensalem, Pennsylvania has Down Syndrome and is the team manager for the basketball team. He never


High School Basketball Saved From Out Of Bounds Behind The Back Shot

Juan Lopez posted this short clip of an amazing high school basketball play which has already amassed over half a million


One Handed Zach Hodskins Is Amazing At Basketball

Sixteen year old Georgia high school junior Zach Hodskins has no left hand, but he never let that slow him down.


Colorado High School Basketball Buzzer Beater Tip In To Win In Over Time

In over time during the Colorado state championship game, Chaparral High School only had five seconds to take the win, or


Tallest High School Basketball Player

Mamadou Ndiaye kind of takes the fun out of being on high school basketball team. He's so tall, he doesn't


Dunking Mascot Breaks Backboard

Indiana Pacers mascot Boomer visited the small town of New Palestine right outside of Indianapolis for the Friday night high school basketball


High School Basketball Team Wins With Over The Back Board Buzzer Beater Shot

A recent high school basketball game in Nebraska had a very 'family movie style' ending. Tied at the fourth quarter against Freeman,


Refs Make No Calls On High School Basketball Player’s Obvious Multiple Flagrant Fouls

A small town high school basketball game on Dec. 22 has recently become the point of controversy from a new viral video. Wazzumichael recorded