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Incredible Fast 150 mph Rocket Knife

Another silly experiment by TheBackyardScientist showing us that the only thing that can be quicker than a high speed knife…

Fat Stomach Shot In Ultra Slow Motion

With a high speed camera shooting 1280 fps, a fat stomach jiggling turns into a mesmerizing work of art. First,…

Super Slow Motion In Hotel Room

Locked in a hotel room bored can be excruciating. If you have a super slow motion high speed camera though,…

Stopping The World – High Speed Camera Moving Fast Freezes Time And Space

By using a high speed camera and driving by, a huge scene at a train station looks as if time…

Montage Of Amazing Slow Motion, High Speed Camera Footage

This video has Explosions, water balloons splashing, bullets breaking glasses, karate chopping cement blocks and more. High speed cameras take…



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