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Girl Thinks Her Tongue Fell Out After Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

So cute and funny! Maria got a little high at the dentist... Marianna Pascarella uploaded this video of her resultating…

World Highest Bungee Jump Cookie Dunk

A cookie, a UK cup of tea and a lot of adrenaline. Simon Berry got his record for the highest…

Insane Freeclimb in Vienna

Those crazy people from "on the roofs" went on the roofs again (surprise!). This time in Vienna, where they did…

Emile Hirsch After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

'After dentist' videos of people talking funny after anesthesia are always  popular online. Of course David After Dentist is the most famous,…

Girl Thinks Ellen Is There After Her Wisdom Teeth Surgery

There are so many viral post-wisdom teeth videos online, it's hard to count. People just can't get enough of these…



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