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Rapper Doesn’t Show Up To Shooting And Improvized Music Video Gets Crazy

Rapper Young Thug didn't show up to his own music video shoot, so the producers just went ahead and did


Eminem’s ‘Rap God’ Sung By Animals

Another animal cover by Insane Cherry who lets the dogs out to "woof, woof, woof-woof" the track "Rap God" by


Mom Is Shocked To Find Spotify Playlist Of Her 8th Grader

This woman doesn't seem to like hip hop. At least with this lyrics that will bring youth to failure and


Hipster Santa Gets All The Fame…

SantaClara gives a shoutout to all the women out there, who make every christmas to something special in this really


Shia LaBeouf Freestyles 5 Fingers of Death with Oswin Benjamin

Did you know that actor Shia LaBeouf also can rap? And I don't mean some old Salt'n'Pepper hits - he

Why rappers love Grey Poupon

It occured to vox editor Estelle Caswell, that several rappers to use Grea Poepon in their lyrics. Since decades. An


Straight Outta Hogwarts Music Video

The Internet has always had a soft spot for Harry Potter. That obviously includes music video parodies. The Frost Bros published this


Guy Who Bought A Lemon Jeep Makes A Pop Song About Getting Ripped Off

Besides for a house, a car is the most expensive thing the average person will buy in their life time.


Jason Derulo Carpools With James Corden

Even though gas is the cheapest it's been in years, we all still want to save gas and money whenever


Trapped Commuters Turn Long Train Wait Into Dance Party

Probably the only thing worse than taking a long trip on the train to work is getting stuck on said


Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Perform History Of Rap 6

Jimmy Fallon has a lot of gags and repeating segments on The Tonight Show. Some are more popular than others.


Dr. Teeth From The Muppets Sings ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’ By ODB

Is This How You Go Viral sure knows what they are doing. They consistently go viral with their outrageous parodies of The