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Dirty Hippies

Music Made From Nature Burt’s Bees Commercial

In honor of Earth Day, the nature conscious health and beauty products company Burt's Bees teamed up with composer Diego Stocco to create a…

Women Of #OccupyWallStreet

Most people picture Occupy Wall Street protesters to be young, unemployed men and boys with scraggly beards. But they aren't…

Soldier Plays No More War Drum Beat On Armored Vehicle

Where there's a hippie, there's a drum circle. But you don't have to be a hippie to be against war.…

22 Beatles Songs With The Word Love Mash Up

Even if people don't want to admit it, the Beatles really are a hippie band. They sing about peace, harmony,…

Crazy Hippie Lady Dancing In Music Store

Sometimes older videos go unseen for years, but are later discovered and explode. A crazy hippie lady dancing in a…


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