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Angry Hippo Attacks And Hits Car

26 year old Welding Inspector Wikus Ceronie had a unique meet with a hippo - and got a little souvenir


Hippos Eat Entire Watermelons Whole At Zoo

Thanks to cartoons and their silly name, hippopotamuses have a reputation for being soft, goofy animals. That couldn't be further


Hippos Help Trapped Duckling Get Out Of Pool

Visitors of the Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo in the Netherlands saw an adorable scene take place at the hippopotamus exhibit. A mother


Baby Pygmy Hippo Is Adorable

The Zoological Society of London Whipsnade Zoo is happy to report that they have a brand new baby! A super cute male pygmy


Boaters Are Chased By Speeding Hippopotamus

The hippopotamus has a reputation for being fat and slow, probably because of cartoons. But in reality they are very


Lucky Kid Gets A Hippopotamus For Christmas

Since he was such a good kid this year, Action Movie Kid got what he really wanted for Christmas. Sure, he was


Baby Hippos Goes Swimming For First Time

This video from 2008 just had a recent viral surge, amassing 100,000 view since March, and being featured on . Baby


Baby Hippo Swimming Underwater Ballet

Adhama is a five month old baby hippopotamus at the San Diego Zoo. He is very playful, and loves showing off