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Whole Foods Rap Songs

Whole Foods is the best place to get all your organic, exclusive, and hipster healthy foods. You wouldn't think that…

Kreayshawn Hipster Girl Rap – Gucci Gucci

Most rappers talk about their Prada and Gucci products and love showing off. But kreayshawn is such a hipster she…

Hipsters Talk About Music

There are few things more important to hipsters than their music. But they don't listen to main stream garbage that's…

DJ Pauly D Miracle Whip Commercial

I don't get this commercial. Miracle Whip isn't for everyone; Jersey Shore famous, DJ Pauly D doesn't like Miracle Whip.…

Did You Read?

When hipsters congregate, usually at coffee shops, they discuss what they've read lately. Sometimes, it gets out of hand...

Hipster Jersey Shore Spoof

I always thought that the Jersey Shore was full of hipsters. This parody Shore features true hipsters. People that are…


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