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Why Time Travel Wouldn’t Work For Everyone

Time travel is definitely something I see myself doing anytime soon, but it's not for everyone... [embed][/embed]

Primitive Technology: Sandals

Human were barefoot mostly, but if they only knew this... [embed][/embed]

They Finally Opened A Long Forgotten Safe

Treasures from the past are a wonderful thing! [embed][/embed]

Do You Remember What Was Happening Ten Years Ago?

So much has changed in just ten years. I mean, who even was Taylor Swift back then? [embed][/embed]

The Beat Is Pure Fire

Time for a break everyone, let's groove!

iMessage Emergency

If technology bails on you, you'll have to go back in time a bit.

Famous YouTubers React To History Of The World

I don't know why you would display your lack of history knowledge publicly on YouTube, but at least these uneducated…

The History Of The Entire World

The history of the entire world in just one small video, forget History class-this is all you need. [embed][/embed]

Why Knights Fought Snails In Medieval Art

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, time for some educational content. Remember the medieval ages? No, you weren't born then, probably... We…

Why Did T Rex Have Such Tiny Arms?

Poor boy. Always getting rejected and made fun of because of his tiny little arms... Maybe that is the reason…

Kids Try 100 Years Of Cookies With Cookie Monster

A famous star guest got his hairy fingers in the new issue of Bon Appétit's food tasting. "Kids try 100…

This Single Swedish Town Has Discovered Four Elements

Tom Scott visits the little scandinavian town Ytterby to tell us a bit about it's great scientific history. A quarter…



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