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How A Hockey Puck In Your Face Feels

Ice hockey is by no means a sport for pussies, as this video proves.


Arena Security Starts Dancing To Michael Jackson

Somehow this looks pretty staged to me, but you have to cut him some slack - he can dance! "The


Crushing Hockey Puck With A Hydraulic Press

YouTube's new completely random and weird channel, Hydraulic Press Channel, is back. This time, the crew crushes a hockey puck. The results


Minnesota State High School Hockey Team Has Awesome Hair Again

Last year, the the Minnesota State High School hockey team went viral with their hilarious sports review video that covered the players' hair


Dachshund Dogs Playing Hockey Is The Cutest

Dachshunds are especially cute dogs. There's just something so adorable about that long body and those itty-bitty legs. To say


Minnesota State High School Hockey Team Players Have Epic Hair

In this video, Pull Tab Productions 2015 reviews the Minnesota State High School hockey team. But his review isn't what you'd expect


GoPro On Ice With The NHL

The world's most famous and ubiquitous pocket-action camera, GoPro, has just announced a new partnership with the NHL. To celebrate


Tyler Ennis Scores Epic No-Look Backhand Hockey Goal

Hockey can be a boring sport sometimes. Forward Tyler Ennis of the Buffalo Sabres helped make the game a little


Canadians Finish Singing US National Anthem After Technical Difficulties During Hockey Game

Canada and America are so close that both national anthems are sung during hockey games between American and Canadian teams.


Adorable Young Fan Fist Bumps Boston Bruins Players

Hockey fan Hockey Web Caster posted this adorable clip from the Boston Bruins pregame warmups. A very young fan stood at


NHL Dallas Stars Hockey Trick Shots

The trick shot boys of Dude Perfect have really come far over the years. With over three million dedicated subscribers, they


Bad British Hockey Commentary

Hockey might be extremely popular in Canada, but in England? Not so much. So what would it sound like if