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Ernie Els ‘Dunks’ Golf Shot At Tournament

Golf is not known as a very exciting sport. But that's the point. It's supposed to be a relaxing way to take


Tiger Woods Watches As Kid’s First Shot At New Course Is Hole-in-One

Talk about a grand opening! Golf superstar Tiger Woods recently opened Bluejack National, a new luxury golf course. But he could


Robot Scores Hole In One

Scoring a true hole in one is one of the most difficult achievements in sports. But for a robot? Not


Eleven Year Old Girl Sinks Hole In One And Gets A Puppy

As his name suggests, 2 Golf Girls Dad is the proud father of two girls who he is raising on a steady


Rory McIlroy Scores Hole In One

Professional golfer Rory McIlroy scored his first hole in one at this year's European Tour in Abu Dhabi. On the 15th hole in the


Shawn Stefani Scores Hole-in-One

American professional golfer Shawn Stefani has made headlines today after scoring a hole-in-one at the US Open. In the final round


Martin Kaymer Scores Hole In One Skipping Across Pond

German professional golfer Martin Kaymer made headlines yesterday after his ball pond-skipping hole in one went viral. Jeremiah Clark caught the shot on


Woman Wins New Truck In ‘Hole In One’ Hockey Contest

59 year old Brenda Hewett isn't much of a hockey player, but that didn't stop her from having the best