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Making Holiday Memories

Have you got enough guts to watch this holiday diary? [embed][/embed]


The 2016 Conan Staff Holiday Sweater Competition

Here are some very creative and/or funny outfits, that members of the Conan staff did make. "Can anyone top Barbara’s


Holiday Ninjas Secretly Give Homeless Stuff

YouTuber nigahiga and his guys did dress up as ninjas again to bring the homeless some usefull stuff like blankets


Every Day Is A Holiday On Twitter

Happy viralvideosunday to you all! College Humor did a neat sketch on all the creative and absolutely existing holidays that


Honest 4th of July BBQ Party

The Fourth of July is finally here! And since it's on Monday, many have already started celebrating the holiday weekend. And that means


Kids Admit The Biggest Lie They Ever Told Mom

Jimmy Kimmel loves getting regular people involved on his late night show. So in honor of Mother's Day, he sent a crew


John Stamos Is The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

It's almost here. Mother's Day is just around the corner. Do you know what you're the getting the moms in


Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Mom A Mother’s Day Present

There are few things as terrifying as forgetting to buy your mom a gift for Mother's Day. But have you


Putting Vegetables In Doughnut Box At The Office Prank

Now this is a proper April Fools prank. No one is seriously injured or embarrassed, it's just good for a


Aladdin Skateboarding On Magic Carpet In Tel Aviv

In case you didn't know, tonight starts the Jewish holiday of Purim. It's not really like Halloween, but people often


365 Days Of Fandom

Sure, Christmas and the holidays are over, but there's still room for one more holiday-themed video, right? Animator and super-fan Only


Dog Unwraps Owner for Christmas

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas this year? This adorable dog, Trouble, got exactly what every dog hopes for: