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How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A 3D Hologram

For years, nerds have dreamed of making holograms, an three dimensional imagine made up of only light, a reality. Well,…

Giant 3D Face Hologram

This video by Vital Vegas is from last summer, but has only gone viral now with over 250,000 new hits! The clip…

Microsoft HoloLens Will Cover The World With Holograms

The world is more interconnected than ever. But Microsoft isn't satisfied. For a while now, the Windows company has seemed to have…

Lego Star Wars Hologram Toy Display

While shopping at a local toy store in Steinkjer, Norway, H1tmonchan and his friend stumbled upon a one of a kind holographic Lego…

R2-D2 Shows Tupac Hologram Instead Of Princess Leia

NSFW - some offensive language The entertainment would was buzzing after video from a recent Coachella music festival performance with Snoop…

Hologram Tupac Performs On Stage With Snoop Dog

The legendary late rapper, Tupac, made a return at the Coachella music festival. He was revived as a hologram, just…


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