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21 August, 2019

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20 August, 2019



Honest Trailers – Moana

Another "Honest Trailer" by Screen Junkies going viral right now. This time they tell us the truth about "Moana", resulting


Honest Trailers – John Wick

1.3 million people already have seen this new take on "John Wick" by Screen Junkies - in the first day


Honest Trailers – Shrek

Another viral hit by Screen Junkies presenting us the beloved movie oger Shrek. Within hours this clip broke the one


Honest Trailers – Space Jam

Another classic movie gets his truth-roundup. This time Screen Junkies feature the animation-meets-real life basketball flick "Space Jam" and already


Honest Trailers – The Princess Bride

The next issue of "Maik hasn't seen the movie yet and probably won't ever". This time: "The Princess Bride". Starring


Honest Trailers: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Oh, I love this movie! The Screen Junkies and their viewers as well. This new issue of "Honest Trailers" is


Honest Trailer: Mortal Kombat

In the newest edition of "Honest Trailers" the Screen Junkies present us the whole truth about this combat that gets


Honest Trailers – Star Wars: Episode V

Of course Screen Junkies are not talking about the newest movie of the Star Wars franchise, having it's debut this


Honest Trailer: Suicide Squad

Another round of this hard knock truth presented by the Screen Junkies. This "Honest Trailer" about the superantihero movie "Suicide


Honest Trailer: The Secret Life of Pets

The newest issue of the "Honest Trailers" by Screen Junkies featuring the animated movie "The Secret Life of Pets" did


Honest Trailer: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Instead of the 4,685th new blockbuster movie, Screen Junkies tackle a classic with their newest edition of "Honest Trailers". The


Honest Game Trailer: Pokémon X & Y

What Screen Junkies are for movies, Smosh Games are for gaming. In this episode of "Honest Game Trailers" they picked



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