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What is a Metal Print?

4 August, 2021



Mormons In The Hood Unexpectedly School Dudes In Basketball Game

Two Mormon missionaries shocked some street basketball players with their unexpected basketball skills. While on mission, the two messengers from…

Fighter Gets ‘Put To Sleep’ In WorldStar-Style Fight Video

It's not uncommon for witnesses in an online fight video to scream and announce "Worldstar, Worldstar!" as the hiphop video…

Cutting People’s Hair In The Hood Prank

After successfully going viral pranking the hood once before, Roman Atwood has again strapped on a bullet proof vest to pull some…

Prank Farting On People In The Hood

The hilarious pranksters at Roman At Wood teamed up with solo artist Jack Vales to try and not get killed while…

Floating Dollar Prank In The Hood

Prankster and magician hybrid MagicofRahat goes around town pranking people with his magic tricks and records their hilarious reactions for YouTube. This time…

Forrest Gump Trailer As A Gangsta Movie

Gangster movies, better known as films for the 'Urban market,' revolve around football scholarships, friends being shot in drive by…



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