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Impatient Dog Hanks Car Horn

When we're left in the car to wait for someone else we can't help to honk a couple times. Apparently, this…

Impatient Dog Blasts The Car Horn

Lost Coast Outpost correspondent Ryan Burns was out and about in Old Town Eureka, California when he heard a car horn blasting for what…

Dad And Son Perform Music In The Kitchen When Mom Isn’t Home

When mom is away, the kids get to party. And by kids, we mean dad as well. This ridiculous short…

Farmer Serenades Cattle With Trumpet

Farmer Derek Klingenberg has found a way to gather his cattle and it doesn't require dogs or cowboys on horses. Instead,…

Train Horn On Tiny Car Prank

Norwegian YouTube channel TV Norge just posted this humorous prank video over the weekend featuring comedy group Ylvis.  You know, the crew…

Elderly Man Plays Taps On His Trumpet Every Evening On The Porch

Every evening, for two years now, Don Brittain walks out onto his porch with his trusty trumpet and plays the famous…



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