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Motorcycle Carries Horse Along Highway

Motorcycle Carries Horse Along Highway

[rumble][/rumble] My husband Casey has been busy this summer making the invention of a new rodeo rig. It only took…

Horse Rocks Crying Baby

The maternal instincts are very strong on this horse. The baby's reaction is priceless! [embed][/embed]

Dachshund Takes Horse For A Walk

Say Hi to Schnitzel the Dachshund. This long-haired dog leads his best friend Connemara the horse around the stables!

Did I win? – Horse

Soon horse

This Is The Loudest Horse Rider Of All Times And His Horse Just Had Enough

Horses have feeling too, you know. When you're up there and cursing and shouting and moaning all over the place,…

Horse Has Fun With Squeaky Toy

Debbie Barber came across a pretty happy horse. via: tyrosize

Traveler Stumbles Upon Herd Of Wild Icelandic horses

As his YouTube channel name implies, Rob's Iceland Trip is all about his travels around the small Nordic island state. While exploring…

Horse And Chickens Are Best Friends

Nancy Elwood went to her horse barn to discover her horse Rocky with a chicken on his head. And Rocky didn't…

One Hundred Horses Run To Pasture

Besides for cats and dogs, horses are probably the next animal which humans have a special bond with. There's just…

Mama Horse Teaches Baby Horse How To Jump

It doesn't matter the species, mom is always there to help out. In this touching video, a young horse can be…

Baby Miniature Horse Is The Tiniest, Cutest Thing Ever

Everyone knows that ponies are adorable. But then there are mini-horses who are arguably even smaller and cuter. And then…



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