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Mouse Trap vs Hot Dog At 147,000 FPS

Wow - this ultra slow motion footage by Warped Perception is pretty incredible. Offside it's beauty and mechanical movement, I


$2 Hot Dog Vs. $169 Hot Dog

This list tends to become insanely long - but what the heck! After steak, pizza, burger and sushi the people

Cheesy Fried Hot Dogs

How about some Cheese-Stuffed Corn Dogs? They are trending on YouTube right now so this must be the stuff, hip


Snoop Dogg Touts Burger King’s New Hot Dogs

BURGER KING is doing something very unexpected. Today, even the biggest fast food restaurants are trying to give their food a


Creative Gourmet Hot Dogs Will Make You Drool

The hot dog is one of America's signature street dishes. Who doesn't love a good hot? Made from beef and/or


Dogs React To Levitating Hot Dog Magic Trick

Magician Jose Ahonen has set himself apart from the rest of the online magic artists by performing his tricks, not for


$2 Dollar Hot Dog $1 Dollar Water Music Video

This music video starring Frederick Barr, Erica Barr, and Kyhil Smith is simply outrageous. The song is titled $2 Dollar Hot Dog


Mayor Bloomberg’s Pun Packed Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Speech

Nathan's hot dogs goes together with New York City like PB & J. And for decades, Nathan's has held a


Why You Should Spiral Cut Your Hot Dog

Just in time for the Fourth of July, CHOW brings us a Chow Tip how and why we should cut out


Woman Passes Out Trying To Eat Hot Dog On Subway

You have to be really brave or really hungry to eat a hot dog from a New York City cart


Cat Dressed As Hot Dog Eating Hot Dog

My mind just exploded. A cat dressed in a hot dog costume is eating a hot dog. Is the world