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Nerd Picks Up Hot Girl On Beach With Remote Control Car Hacked With Camera And Speaker

This super RC nerd hooked up a remote control camera and speaker to his remote control car and drove it


Puppy Tries To Eat When Girl Blows

When the Internet is shown a cute puppy and a cute girl, there's no stopping the video from going viral.


Girl Breaks Guinness World Record On Guitar Hero 3

Annie Leung is one in a billion. She's a hot girl who likes video games so much she is now


Fat Kid Says Announcer Erin Andrews Is Hot On TV

At a Kansas vs. Kansas State game, the TV pans to announcer Erin Andrews to add her two cents. A


Girl Stealing Christmas Presents Caught On Camera

An anti-Santa went around the neighborhood stealing people's mail around Christmas time. She knew that presents were about and acted


Hot Girl Old Spice Spoof – Page 3 The Woman You’d Love Your Woman To Be Like

The spoofs poured out for the now famous Old Spice viral video of Isaiah Mustafa, I'm On A Horse. A hot