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Kid Eats Super Hot Pepper And Immediately Regrets It

The are lots of videos of people eating hot peppers on the Internet. Pikachu The Pokemon from Ireland decided he wanted to


Classical Orchestra Eats World’s Hottest Chili Pepper

There are countless videos online of people tasting super hot chili peppers and trying to withstand the burn. But the


1000 People Eat 1000 Ghost Hot Chili Peppers

Ghost chilies are famous in the culinary world as the hottest hot peppers on the planet. You have to be


Boyfriend Pranks Girlfriend Adding Super Hot Pepper Extract To Her Sushi Dinner

Prank vs Prank features YouTube's craziest couple who have an ongoing prank war between themselves that's been going on for years.


Little Boy Tries Hot Pepper, Instantly Regrets It

As a young lad, wanting to try adult flavors is normal. But foods like mustard and hot peppers just aren't


Reporter Tries World’s Hottest Pepper

WFAE's Marshal Terry is a very dedicated reporter. Marshal gave a report on Ed Currie's pepper farm. Ed is on