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Hot Wheels Fly Through Fire And Drive Underwater

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober and Hot Wheels fanatic Robert Carlson teamed up to create this amazing Hot Wheels stunt


Hot Wheels Stunts

A few sweet slowmotion shots of Hot Wheels flying through the air and landing on their destinated driving lanes again.


Video Camera On Hot Wheels Toy Car Riding Down Track

Every kid loves playing with Hot Wheels toy cars. Building intricate and complex tracks for the tiny plastic cars is


Hot Wheels Toy Car Track On The Beach Is Surprisingly Entertaining

Toy movie maker 5MadMovieMakers went to the beach for the day, and brought along a bunch of Hot Wheels cars and tracks.


Hot Wheels Unveils Life-Size Darth Vader Car

Darth Vader is the ruling Sith Lord of the Death Star, and even has his own special TIE Fighter. But


World’s Highest Hot Wheels Wall Track

HOT WHEELS is trending again online after debuting the World's Highest Wall Track ever! In Barcelona, Spain, the famous toy company built


Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop At X Games 2012

You know those Hot Wheels tracks with all the ridiculous loops, twirls, and jumps? It's every boy's dream to see


Hot Wheels City

Every kid dreams of building their very own toy city out of Legos or Hot Wheels, but it usually ends up being


Huge Hot Wheels Track Goes All Around The House

Hot Wheels were the coolest as a little boy, but you could never afford the cool tracks and upgrades that


Real Life Hot Wheels Car Breaks Record Jump

Toy Hot Wheels are cool. But real life Hot Wheels is even cooler. Hot Wheels sponsored race car drier, Tanner Foust,