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Hot Dog Keeps Cool

[rumble][/rumble] It was so hot, so this dog went into the refrigerator. More


Russell Brand Achieves Enlightenment While Eating Spicy Wings

First We Feast got Russell Brand to eat some "Hot Ones" with them. 700,000 views and counting... "In what may


Mac DeMarco Tries to Stay Chill While Eating Spicy Wings

First We Feast got over 600,000 views on their "Hot Ones" issue with Mac DeMarco. "Musician, hashtag expert, and Canadian


Charlie Day Learns To Love Ridiculously Spicy Wings

Another round of "Hot Ones" by First We Feast is trending right now with already over 900,000 views on YouTube.


Ricky Gervais Pits His Mild British Palate Against Spicy Wings

I love Ricky Gervais! No wonder his visit to "Hot Ones" got First We Feast over 900,000 views within hours!


Danny Brown Has An Orgasm Eating Spicy Wings

Nope, this totally original headline is not from me. The guys behind First We Feast chose it for their newest


Red Hot 1000 Degree Knife Vs Shoe & More

This whole red hot knife thing does to be a huge trend right now. Even Dave Hax does his thing


20 Kilograms Of Red Hot Steel vs. Frozen Lake

Welcome to an epic battle of the masses! Heat against Ice - Beyond the press lets the elements fight and


1000 Degree Red Hot Rocket Knife

About two weeks ago we had the incredible fast 150mph rocket knife, now TheBackyardScientist replayed with the highspeed knife, except


Rhett & Link Eat The World’s Spiciest Curry

"Hot Ones" host Sean Evans invited YouTube duo Rhett & Link to eat something hot. This episode by First We


Red Hot Nickel Ball vs. Furby

Just another beautiful destruction by carsandwater who lets a cute furby smoke out of it's eyes. Poor little buddy! Yes,


Glowing 1000 degree Knife vs Sneakers

After the first issues of the glowing knife running through lighters and a coke can like butter, this time Mr.