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This Makeover Produces Nothing But Smiles, Until The Owner Opens Her Mouth

And Gordon Ramsey is not someone to take ungratefulness or unsolicited criticism lightly. Enjoy the fireworks!


If Hotel Ads Were Honest

Another viral going issue of the "Honest Ads" by Cracked. This hotel edition got over 340,000 views already. "Maybe don't


Travelers Discover Their Motel Room Key Works On Every Room

Battle Rattle and his buddy stopped at countless hotels while traveling on their 4,000 mile road trip. But at a small


Hotel Room Service Robot Delivers Snack

We are currently on the cusp of a robotic revolution. Most of us still don't interact with robots on a daily


Guy Makes Steak Dinner In Hotel Room Using The Iron

Most of us have seen the trick where you make a grilled cheese sandwich in a pinch using just some


Weird Things Couples Do In A Hotel Room

Going to a hotel is like going on a mini-vacation. You get a nice little apartment that has everything you


Valet Crashes Lamborghini Aventador Outside Hotel While Trying To Show Off

This hotel valet outside the Hotel de Paris in Monaco must have felt so cool parking a world famous sport scar like


Stop Motion Of Towel Swans Peacefully Swimming Has Unexpected Ending

PES Film is famous for their impressive stop motion skills. In this new commercial for citizenM Hotel in Times Square, New York, two


Hotel Door Chain Fail

Hotel doors almost always come with a door chain lock. But if they aren't installed properly they aren't much help.


Hampton Hotels Features TJ Elevator Fan

Hampton Hotels, or the marketers they hired, have finally learned that people online are sick of conventional video commercials. If


Hotel Worker Brings His Band To Quit With A Bang

Joey has been working at the Renaissance hotel for over three years. He had a bad experience, and is ready to move on


Hotel Safe Opens With Default Password Of All Zeros

Nicer hotels offer safes in the room, so when you leave, you have no fear your valuables could ever be