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Albino Deer Spotted Near House

[rumble][/rumble] The albino deer lives in a wooded area behind our house. She comes out daily at dusk and dawn.


Open Concept Modern Tiny House With Elevator Bed

This house presentation by Ana White got unbelievable 1.6 million views on YouTube. "Full of fresh, original tiny house ideas,


Train Line Leads Through House

So Edward Elric found the perfectly tethered flat! Only a few centimeters to the train... via: cartoonland


8 Houses That Are Zombie Proof

We all know that the zombie apocalypse will be coming eventually (but not when...), so if you need to prepare


How To Fix A Sticking Door

Is there anything more annoying than noticing that one of the doors in your home isn't closing correctly. It's a


British Inventor Builds Underground Bunker In His Backyard

What guy hasn't dreamed of building a sweet underground bunker underneath their house. When the world comes to an end,


The Michael Jordan Estate

There are real estate agents for the rest of us, and then there are real estate agents for the stars


Dog Helps Carry Shopping Bags Into The House

Besides for paying for the bill, the worst part about grocery shopping is hauling all those shopping bags into the


Michael Jordan’s Mansion Is Up For Auction And It’s Amazing

When you're world famous NBA star Michael Jordan, anything you do in the public makes headlines. So when Concierge Auctions reported that


Ultimate House MD Remix

TV show obsessed NCISmelanie spent two month editing, cutting, and mixing video from every episode of House MD into this epic ultimate House MD


Couple Builds TWO Story Home Out Of Still Driveable School Bus

We've seen tiny apartments before, but Richard and Rachel's school bus home is just out of this world! The couple


Landlord Gives Tour Of Home He Rented To Crazy Hoarding Cat Lady

NSFW - disturbing content This disturbing and disgusting video from last October is trending now more than ever. Landlord Chris gives the