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Man Finds Out His Wife’s Water Broke When He Was Out Of Town

Film maker Casey Neistat was in San Francisco for work even though his wife was extremely pregnant in Houston because they didn't


University Of Houston Coach Surprises Player With Full Scholarship

Receiving a full athletic scholarship is a dream many athletes have, but only the best can attain. Head Coach Tony Levine of


Fan Catches Autographed Ball, Gives It To Kid

Catching an NBA autographed ball is an exciting moment for any sports fan, especially a ball signed by NBA legend


Construction Worker’s Dramatic Escape From Giant Apartment Fire Is Terrifying

This terrifying scene isn't from a movie. This is real life. A giant apartment fire broke out at the AIG campus


Grounds Crew Member Dances To Party Rock Anthem At World Series

The World Series is heating up with the Rangers beating the Cardinals at game 4 in Houston. But one grounds keeper


Bees Take Over House Turning It Into A Giant Bee Hive

This video of a news report posted back in April, but only now has gone viral. KPRC of Houston, Texas reports


Texas Governor Rick Perry Calls For Day Of Prayer And Fasting

The country is definitely going through some very tough times. Texas Governor Rick Perry thinks the answer to America's problems


Local News Reporter Caught Smoking During Report On Oil Fire

News anchors for the local news station KHOU in Houston started their report with breaking news. They open with an oil