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Farthest Hoverboard Flight Ever

Nerds will remember from Back To The Future II that hoverboards work great on land. On water, not so much.


British Inventor Creates Homemade Hoverbike

OK, so we're passed 2015 and we still don't have a true hoverboard, but at least we're getting closer. Crazy British


Official Hoverboard Commercial

For thirty years now, kids and adults alike have wished for a hoverboard. Even though there have been a couple fake


The Lexus Hoverboard Is Here

The Internet has been tricked by fake hoverboards before. And now that we are in the middle of 2015, the


Man Awarded Record For Longest Flight On Real Hoverboard

Now that we're in 2015, there's been a lot of talk about hover boards since Marty McFly flew on one in


The World’s First Hoverboard Is Real

Ever since the 1989 blockbuster film Back To The Future II, kids and grown ups alike have been wishing for


Water Hoverboard In Real Life

Fans of Back to the Future will remember that the hoverboard doesn't work on water. Unless you've got power of course.


The Science Of Real Hoverboards

Two weeks ago, Tony Hawk and a slew of other famous celebrities collaborated to prank the Web with a video


Celebrity Packed Commercial For An Actual Hoverboard Is Sadly Fake

HUVrTech has just debuted a very real hoverboard made famous from Back To The Future II. Or so they claim.  Back


Man Makes Real Working Hover Board

Now that it's 2012, there's only three more years till 2015, that magical year burned into every Generation X and


Scientist Skate On Real Life Hover Board

Ever since 1989, nerds and jocks both have been dreaming of riding on a hover board. Well, it seems that