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Engineer Makes His Friend’s Wedding Ring From Scratch

It's difficult for a video longer than five to go viral, as most viewers only have the time--or the attention--for…

How Trojan Condoms Are Made

In case you've ever wondered, Trojan Condoms created this video to show their customers how their condoms are made. It's exactly as…

How Louis Vuitton Men’s Shoes Are Made

Louis Vuitton is a brand internationally recognized for craftsmanship and style. They don't just churn out men's dress shoes like Nikes. They…

How Candy Canes Are Made

Now is a time of gingerbread men and candy canes. But how do they make those sugary sticks full of…

Inside Ramen Noodle Factory In Japan

Every college kid eats pounds and pounds of this stuff. It's part of the experience. Here's how those Ramen Noodles…


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