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When You And Your Mates Go Snowboarding For The First Time

Snowboarding is good fun, especially when you know how to do it. It also makes for an excellent teambuilding exercise…

How To Wrap Your Cat

Gift-wrapping is no joke. It's difficult and tedious and important. And it can be fun, when done right. This tutorial…

A Guide To Humans

Humans. How to deal with them? It's hard for ourselves to figure out (or at least for me...), let alone…

How To Be A Professor

Not sure what to be when you grow up? This video briefly explains how to be a professor, and really,…

How To Get Kids To Eat Veggies

It isn't easy, but it's guaranteed to work! [embed][/embed]

Chicks Come Running When You Know How To Rap

Learn how to rap. ??? Profit! [embed][/embed]

How To Backflip Like A Beginner Boss

Backflipping like a boss in under six hours? Here's how! [embed][/embed]

The Easiest Way To Pack Your Lunch

Always in a hurry when you're heading for work in the morning? Your life gets a little easier with these…

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Soda Can

Drinking soda isn't the best choice health-wise, but if you must, here is how to make the most of it!…

That’s Not How To Fitness

When you don't know how to use a machine, just ask around. Never try and fix it by yourself...

How To Fight A Shark

An How To video doesn't get more epic than this one! You don't know how to fight a shark, do…

7 Ways To Maximize Your Misery

Aren't you sick of all those "How to be happy" or "The happiest you in three simple steps" advices?! This…


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