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Dog Sings While Playing Piano

Some pets are more musical than others. Just check out this howling dog that 'sings' while playing the piano. The…

Dog’s Howling Soothes Crying Baby

This 2010 video just started to really become popular recently. Usually, a dog's howling will just make a crying baby…

Dog Howls Along With Saxophone Practice

Phineasgage1848 introduced his video with the title, 'Every time my daughter practices her saxophone...' their dog howls along with the music. Or…

Puppy Howls Along With Wolves

This video from 2009 has recently gone viral only now, thanks to being shared by DailyPicksAndFlicks, ShareA, and TastefullyO. Dogs…

Dog Howls With Firetruck Sirens

 Whenever emergency vehicles drive by, Eskie, the American Eskimo howls along with the sirens. She probably thinks they are howling…


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