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Best Kitty Hug Ever Is Adorable

This simple and adorable video by cat owner Tricia Carr has exploded online. In a little over a week, the quick clip…

First Gay Hug Spoofs First Kiss

The Twenty Strangers Kiss viral video has become a YouTube phenomenon with over 65 million hits!  Instead of asking strangers…

Tim Harris Is America’s Only Restaurant Owner With Down Syndrome

Tim Harris is the owner and operator of Tim's Place: Breakfast, Lunch, and Hugs. He is also the only restaurant owner in the…

The ‘Hug Lady’ Hugs Every US Soldier Deploying And Returning To Fort Hood

To the rest of us, going to war can seem exciting, as it has been romanticized in American culture for…

Mom Cat Hugs Her Kitten

It's happened Internet, let us all rejoice. The cutest cat video online ever has been found. The world stopped posted…



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