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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Dance With GoPro-Fitted Hula Hoop

It's not difficult to see why this video by Blue Star Media has gone viral over the weekend with over half


Man Hula-Hoops With 100 Pound Monster Truck Tire

Hula-hooping isn't exactly the manliest of sports. So to take the sport to the next level, Paul "Dizzy Hips" Blair has


Hula Hoop Girl At Winfest Music Festival

Katie Sunshine is a small time dancer from Arkansas. She was enjoying herself at the 30th Annual WinFest Music Festival when local band Willin-N-Able started


Hula Cam At Burning Man

Burning Man is known as a festival like no other. Even Burning Man themselves admit, "trying to explain what Burning


Fourth Grader With Down Syndrome Hula Hooping At School Talent Show

This three month old video published by MillersMA only went viral over the weekend after being featured on Reddit. Fourth grader Riley


Trippy Hula Hoop Dance

This video from Christmas 2010 only went viral now, gaining 150,000 views in the past two weeks. Hula hoop dancer


Hula Cam Shows Spinning Hula Hoop Point Of View

Theoriginalhelski asks, "Ever wondered what it would be like to be a hula hoop? Wonder no more!" To demonstrate, she put


Four Men Jump Through Hula Hoop

The first spins a hoop and as it rolls back they all take turns jumping through before it fall. Just