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Dash Cam Captures Incredible Driving By Hungarian Ambulance Driver

When you're in an ambulance ever second counts. This ambulance driver in Hungary just might be one of the best…

World’s Best Jump Roper Shows Off Her Impressive Skills

Adrienn Banhegyi is arguably one of the greatest jump rope artists in the world. After all, she does hold two world…

Hidden Camera Shows How Thief Steals Cell Phone On Subway

Public transportation around the world often warns people from using their cellphones openly, as they are magnets for thieves. This…

Backhoe Scoops Up Swimmers In Pool

When I went swimming as a child, pool safety was more important than anything else. "No running! Where's your buddy!…

Toxic Red Sludge In Hungary

Hungary has declared a state of emergency after a large factory spilled toxic red slime all over the country, killing…


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