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Jennifer Lawrence Really Loves Pita Bread

The last Hunger Games movie finally hit theaters last weekend. After watching, the nerds at Pistol Shrimps had an epiphany. Jennifer Lawrence's character Katniss


More Bad Lip Reading From Hunger Games Catching Fire

Popular parody channel Bad Lip Reading has become a little bit obsessed with The Hunger Games. After the viral success of their first


Hunger Games Stars And Woody Harrelson Spoof Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ On SNL

It's been almost 25 years exactly since actor Woody Harrelson has hosted Saturday Night Live back in 1989. As pop princess Taylor Swift's


Honest Trailer Of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

You've seen the first Hunger Games film and the much anticipated follow up, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  Now, months later, movie obsessed Screen


The Hungover Games Spoof Movie Trailer

Step aside Scary Movie and Epic Movie, because there's a new spoof movie heading for theaters. The Hungover Games is actually


The Onion Reviews ‘The Hunger Games Catching Fire’

The much anticipated Hunger Games sequel, The Hunger Games Catching Fire, has finally debuted in theaters.  Mock news source The Onion was quick to offer


The Hungry Games Catching Fur Sesame Street Parody

Sesame Street continues to parody mainstream television with an adorable twist. For their latest spoof, the educational puppet show took on The


The Hunger Games Catching Fire Final Trailer

The November 22nd debut date for the sequel of the ultra popular Hunger Games movie quickly approaches.  To hold  impatient fans


The Jewish Hunger Games

In honor of the Jewish Day of Atonement, Jon Rudnitsky made this Yom Kippur-themed parody of The Hunger Games, appropriately titled The


Literal The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer

The Literal Trailers series is popular for their creative parody technique of taking the trailer video for a feature film,


Hunger Games Bad Lip Reading

The hype surrounding the summer blockbuster The Hunger Games has obviously waned, but that doesn't mean it's no longer popular with nerds.  The