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Whip My Hair Sesame Street Remix Mashup

Some how this works pretty well. Willow Smith's new single Whip My Hair matched up with the new Sesame Street…

Old Spice Guy Grover Mash Up Mix Comparison – Smell Like A Monster Man

Compare the original Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice Guy commercial with the new Sesame Street Grover Parody.

The Beatles, Joan Jett, Cypress Hill, House of Pain, Rage Against The Machine – Mash Up Mix Hybrid

The maybe one of the coolest mash ups I've heard. Mix of I Love Rock And Rock, Come Together, Wake Up, Insane…

Big Lebowski, The Matrix – Hybrid

A genius hybrid of the Big Lebowski and The Matrix. The Dude meets Morpheus. Morpheus explains what The Matrix is to…



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