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The Price Is Right Model Accidentally Reveals Winning Price Of Brand New Car

Even if you are familiar with cars and their prices, it's not always that easy to win what is considered…

Huge Hyper-Matrix Wall Made Up Of Moving Cubes Hyundai Art Piece

Hyundai Motor Group commissioned the help from Korean media artist group JônPaSang to create an art piece for the 2012 Yeosu EXPO exhibition.  What…

Hyundai Genesis Think Fast Super Bowl Commercial

The new Genesis coupe R-Spec is packed with 348 horsepower. That way, if your boss passes out inexplicably, you have the…

Hyundai Rocky Theme Song Super Bowl Commercial

It's ironic that 'American' car companies like Chevy and Ford are outsourcing more and more of the building of their…

Hyundai Equus vs Bentley Mulsanne

No the Hyundai is not the same as a Bentley, but it's scary how close it does get. The Hyundai…


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