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Taylor Swift Songs Caption Fail Cover

Rhett and Link has a long standing series called YouTube Caption Fail where the dynamic duo inputs music into YouTube's automatic closed caption


Violinists Cover I Knew You Were Trouble In Subway Station

I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift has been covered countless times, but there's just something magical about hearing your


Gollum Covers I Knew You Were Trouble By Taylor Swift

Ian James Walters is famous online for his nerdy pop music covers as the sneaky Gollum monster from The Lord


I Knew You Were Trouble Spliced With Screams Of Pain From Jump From Roof Fail

Last Halloween, Fhatsam published this painful spoof of the then recent Red Bull jump from space. Now, he is again trending after


Ultimate I Knew You Were Trouble Splice Parody

A new trend has emerged online of splicing a 30 second clip of the chorus from Taylor Swift's hit single I


Taylor Swift I Knew You Were Trouble Spliced With Paper Towel Dispenser

Splicing popular music videos with screaming goats took off last week. Now, Richie Lister has taken the trend further by splicing Taylor


I Knew You Were Trouble Spliced With Screaming Goat

Remember the screaming goat compilation video that went viralviral last week? Goosik ingeniously noticed the similarities between one of the goat's


I Knew You Were Trouble Taylor Swift Cover

YouTube musicians Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider covered Taylor Swift's hit single I Knew You Were Trouble, and are already going viral.  YouTubers lisaemmy94 and HookedOnMiley both