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Ice Skating On The Street After Freezing Rain

In the summer, you can slap on some skates and go rollerskating around town. It's fun and it's good exercise.


Johnny Weir And Tara Lipinski Comment On Regular People Ice Skating At 30 Rock

The Olympics maybe over, but notorious figure skating commentators Johnny Weir And Tara Lipinski aren't retiring yet. Late Night with Seth Meyers recruited


Mario Kart Olympic Speed Skating

Olympic speed skating is pretty exciting, but it can quickly become repetitive. It could really use a little pizzazz.  Thankfully,


Frozen Skate Park Ice Skating

Most skate parks are closed when the frigid cold of winters rolls in. Can't hardly roller blade when there's ice


The Big Lebowski Figure Skating

One genius fan of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon made the suggestion that they should merge The Big Lebowski with figure skating. 


Hockey Referee Helmet Cam

During the Charlotte Checkers vs Rockford Icehogs hockey game on Dec. 7, referee David Banfield wore a GoPro helmet camera to give


Daring Norwegian Ice Skater Skates On Thin Ice

Apetor published this On thin ice 4 video three weeks ago, and already is has garnered over 2.5 million views. The daring


Ice Skating On Amsterdam’s Frozen Canals

For the first time in fifteen years, the canals in Amsterdam have frozen from this year's brutal winter. And the


Skaters Escape Just As Ice Skating Rink Roof Collapses In Slovakia

A group of youth hockey players narrowly escaped harm at an ice skating rink when the roof began to collapse. Luckily, the


Kitten Watch Ice Skating

There's just something about cats that is so graceful, kind of like ice skaters. Maybe that's why this group of


Ice Skating And Swimming Together In Norway

The Polar Bear Club has nothing on this dude. He ice skates on a frozen lake in Norway with nothing


Bad Skater Is Really Professional Ice Skater, Shocks Crowd

Improv Everywhere finally posted a video that isn't people on the subway in underwear. At New York's Byrant park ice