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Giant Ice Balls On The Coast Of Lake Michigan

The crazy cold polar vortex from Canada has caused some very strange natural phenomenona.  One being the giant ice boulders that formed


Jumping On A Frozen Trampoline Shatters Like Glass

We don't usually feature single Vine videos, but this viral Vine posted by  is too good to pass up.  After


Waffles The Cat Slips On Ice And Fails Jump

Cats are agile, lithe, and graceful creatures. Except when snow and ice are involved.  Waffles the cat demonstrates this fact


Russian Baby’s First Walk On Ice Ends Adorably

This precious video of a baby's first walk on a patch of ice originated in Russia, but has gone viral


Make Instant Ice And Slurpee With Ice Bending

Grant Thompson of The King Of Random explains the popular web trick of ice bending. Simply freeze bottles of purified water in your


Enormous Ice Heaves Form At Mille Lacs Lake Minnesota Damaging Home

Darla Johnson was enjoying the Saturday morning at Izatys Resort in Onamia, Minnesota when she and her companions her a roaring noise. Upon investigation


Golf Ball Thrown Onto Frozen Lake Creates Amazing Sound

Cari Scholtens posted this video over five months ago, but it has only exploded online over the weekend. Like the viral


Icebreaker Timelapse

Cassandra Brooks was on an icebreaker boat traveling through the Ross Sea, Antarctica for two long months. The entire time, the special


Largest Glacier Breaking, Calving Ever Caught On Film

Glacier calving is the extraordinary natural event when ice glaciers break or disrupt in an extravagant way.  As a promotion for the new Chasing Ice documentary, We Are Exposure published this


Man Falls Through Frozen Lake Causing Chain Reaction Of Rescuers To Also Fall In

On a sledding excursion at Jackson Lake outside Wrightwood, California, one man fell into the water where the ice was weak


25,000 Teddy Bear Toss At Junior Hockey Game

Throwing anything onto an NHL ice rink during a game can be cause for penalty. Thankfully, junior hockey doesn't take itself too


German Guy Jumps Into Frozen Lake Fail

Most fail videos only feature the brutality and embarrassment, and often lack the fun side. For once, German YouTuber MrRobcalifornia captured a much