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Ice Mountain Climber Is Saved At Very Last Moment

This month old video published by irishpatrick6 just went viral after being featured on Reddit. While ice mountain hiking at Kennedy’s Gully


Huge Chunks Of Ice Fall From Tower

This video is from 2007, but becomes popular every winter. Witnesses record as huge chunks of ice falls fall from an Oklahoma


Playing Hockey On A Frozen Lake

Hockey in Canada is to football in America. It's just part of the culture. With all that cold weather and


Reporter Accidently Breaks Ice Sculpture He’s Reporting On

At a local fair, a newsman interviewed a professional ice sculpture about all his pieces at the fair. For over


Polar Bear Cub Plays With Huge Ice Cube At Zoo

For a baby Polar Bear, ice is your best friend. But if you live at The Alaska Zoo, and not the


US Government Anti-Piracy PSA

When you illegally download a movie or buy a bootleg on the streets, you're putting a nice middle aged woman


Reporter Drops Breaks Ice Scuplture

Most people call FAKE on this video. The way the people react seem like acting and ungenuine.