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The Weapons This Guy Makes Out Of IKEA Pencils Are Insane

Almost everybody is familiar with the free IKEA pencils you can just grab and take home with you. That's exactly


Awesome Dad Builds Best Bed Ever For His Son

A simple children's bed from IKEA is fine and all, but Eric Strong wasn't satisfied. So after getting one for his son,


Guy Annoys Girlfriend With Silly Puns At Ikea

Ahh, Ikea, the place so many of us end up on the weekend to buy stuff we don't need when


IKEA Homage To The Shining

Halloween is just around the corner. In order to promote their late night shopping, IKEA Singapore made this homage to Stanley Kubrick’s horror


Experience The Power Of Bookbook

These days, everything is enhanced by technology. Some might say that we have gone too far. So iconic Swedish furniture


IKEA Heights Soap Opera

IKEA Heights is a hilarious soap opera filmed in an open IKEA store without management's knowledge.  This first episode was posted


Trapping People In IKEA Prank By Ylvis

The only problem with TV Norge, the official YouTube channel of Norwegian comedian group Ylivs, is that most of their hilarious


Alfonso Cuarón’s IKEA Trailer Spoofs Gravity

Getting lost in IKEA is like getting lost out in space. To make matters worse, cell coverage is really bad


Breaking Up At IKEA

This funny IKEA spoof video by JestComedy was published in January, but has found a new audience after being featured on


IKEA Uppleva TV Living Room Set

IKEA has gone full circle back to the 1950's and has again made the television actual furniture again. Their new living


IKEA Mitten Kit Allows People Wearing Mittens To Use Touch Screen Device

The annoying part of touch screen technology is that it doesn't work while wearing mittens. And that's a common problem


IKEA Opens Play Center For Husbands And Boyfriends Of Shopping Women

Everyone knows that men hate shopping, and they really, really hate shopping for furniture. Many malls have nurseries where women can drop