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This Swimming Pool Works Like A Fata Morgana

You set up your freshly bought swimming pool, and next thing you know your in the middle of some ocean


7 Amazing Optical Illusions

Quirkology put together another round of interesting and inspiring optical illusions that already gathered over 170,000 views on YouTube. via:


Bodypainting Illusion Timelapse: X-Ray Ring Scanner

Another epic body painting by Mirjana Kika Milosevic who does transform herself into an x-ray-sight. via: likecool


Invisible Chair Prank

Julien Magic did irritate some people on the street by sitting in the air. "Hope you like this hidden camera


Knot Illusion Body Painting

Exquisit body painting illusion by Mirjana Kika Milosevic who got herself a big fat knot into her beautiful belly. The


Stunning Card Illusions By Zach Mueller

Kuma Films visited Zach Mueller to catch some of his "California Caristry". His original tricks and illusions in this video


You Can’t See These Optical Illusion And Mind Tricks!

Mitchell Moffit and Rachel Salt from Asap Science put together some selected optical illusions where you actually can't see stuff.


See The Trick Behind Cup Levitations & Train Track Rescues

CaptainDisillusion solves two modern "mysterys" in his very own and original manner. I find his videos very entertaining (and interesting)


This Guy Got The Most Epic Vape Clouds!

Haha, Alex Peggy did beat the whole vape game with this stunning performance! His "Vape Nation" views are getting viral


8 Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions

I really dig optical illusions, love to see new ones and like it, when some of them are explained to


Magic Eye: The optical illusion, explained

As I kid I was terrible at these magic eye illusions. I was staring and staring and crossing my eyes


Old 16th Century Painting Has Skull Illusion Hidden

Famous Middle Ages artist Hans Holbein painted this work of art in 1533. While enjoy the piece, WorldScott showed viewers how Hans hid