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Jimmy Fallon 1998 Celebrity Impressions SNL Audition

Mouth Radio published this vintage SNL audition tape of a much younger Jimmy Fallon that went viral over the weekend. Sites like…

Amazing Impressions By Isaac

This video was posted in the fall of 2009, but just became a viral sensation after being featured on Reddit.…

Celebrity Impressions Alphabet

Famous actor and impressionist, Jim Meskimen, shows off his impersonation skills by going through the entire Alphabet of impressions. He…

Nerd Performs Star Wars Impressions

Star Wars is full of so many eccentric, different creatures and characters, sometimes, it's hard to keep up. But timeyodie has no…

Woman Shows Off Amazing Celebrity Impressions

Melissa Villasenor is an amazing impressionist. She shows off her skills imitating famous celebrities. Some of the stars she covers…

Jimmy Fallon As Neil Young Performs Fresh Prince Theme Song

One thing Jimmy Fallon is great at is impressions. He's got Neil Young down pat, and has done performances as…



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