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Pranksters Wear Black Tie Attire To Beach

The beach is the last place you would wear a tuxedo, or nice evening dress. The sand and salt water


Megaphone Set Up In Manhattan For People To Say Something Nice

The nice folks at ImprovEverywhere set up a podium with a megaphone in one of the biggest cities in the world. They


Merry Go Round Horse Race

It seems ImprovEverywhere is almost guaranteed viral gold. In this episode, the improv group stage a full horse race, complete with


People Mute Themselves In Park To Shock New Yorkers

Going to a park in New York City is a nice way to relax in the Big Apple. But even


Improv Everywhere Fake Jar Jar Binks Fight April Fools Trick

For April Fools, ImprovEverywhere made a double shocking video. First, as they usually do, an actor went on the NYC


Fake King Philip Museum Prank

People can be very gullible. Improv Everywhere set their eyes on the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. They found a perfect look


Bad Skater Is Really Professional Ice Skater, Shocks Crowd

Improv Everywhere finally posted a video that isn't people on the subway in underwear. At New York's Byrant park ice