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Pokemon Go In Real Life In New York City

Move over Candy Crush. It seems like everyone is talking about Pokemon Go, the newest smartphone game craze. Casey Neistat decided to


Epic Drone Race At Night Is A Real Life Racing Video Game

It's truly amazing how much drones have advanced in just the past couple years. Already, many enthusiasts are starting drone


John Cena Meme In Real Life Prank

No meme can last forever. That's one of the first rules about Internet memes. To close the Unexpected John Cena


Building A Real Life Version Of Pong

Today, most kids haven't even heard of Pong. But it's famous as the first video game ever. And for its


Fruit Ninja In Real Life

A few years ago, special effects video master Scott DW brought the popular smartphone game Fruit Ninja to life. That video has over


Vague Facebook Statuses In Real Life Are Super Awkward

They've become a Facebook staple. You know, those emotional statuses by your friends that is just specific enough to suck


Human Pokemon Battle

As nearly everyone already knows, Pokemon is the popular RPG game in which players train and then fight their pocket monsters.


Street Fighter V In Real Life

Taking popular video games and giving them the 'in real life' treatment has been a cool trend online for years. In


Super Mario Brothers Parkour Part 2

The nerds at Dark Pixel are back with another serving of epic Nintendo-themed parkour moves. When you think about it, it makes sense


Mario Kart In Real Life At The Mall

It's been done before, but who cares? It's still super cool and nerdy! With nothing to do one day, Base37 and his


Playing Space Invaders In Real Life

One of the most classic videos is Space Invaders. In an epic homage to the olden days, the nerd crew


Aladdin And Jasmine’s ‘Whole New World’ Flight Isn’t As Magical In Real Life

The 'Whole New World' scene from Aladdin is one of Disney's most memorable songs. It was so magical the first