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How College is Funded?

23 November, 2021



Metal Slug Video Game In Real Life

Metal Slug is the classic run and gun side-scroller from Neo Geo published in 1996. But now has Andrewmfilms brought the game…

T-Mobile Makes Real Life Angry Birds Game At Beach

T-Mobile strikes viral marketing gold once again! No one can stop the marketers at the tele-comm company from making successful viral videos.…

Mario Bros. In Real Life

There's been plenty of 3D and real life recreations of the original Super Mario Bros. opening level. Even in the…

Super Mario Bros. In Real Life Trailer

There are many real life takes on video games, especially Super Mario. "Mario" comes from SXSW and tells a realistic,…

Real Life Super Mario Kart Race

FreddieW made a real life Mario Kart race. The go karters use the legendary red shells, star invincibility, and mushroom…

Mario Kart In Real Life

Mario Kart 64 may not be that new, but it's stuck in the mind of Internet nerds around the world.…


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