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Hidden Adult Jokes In Popular Disney Films

For a while now there have been a few pictures purportedly from popular Disney movies that contain inappropriate secret, subliminal


When Equality And Social Justice Goes Too Far In School

Equality is a very important issue, but some people today sadly seem to think it means that their feelings trump


Why The TSA Doesn’t Stop Terrorist Attacks

For decades, it seemed like flying couldn't get any worse. The cramped conditions, the terrible service, the price, flying was just


Thats inappropriate


Celebrity Jeopardy Returns On SNL 40th Anniversary

One of Saturday Night Live's most popular and famous recurring sketches was Celebrity Jeopardy. Will Ferrell always played Alex Trebek, and Darrell Hammond


Horse Passes A Lot Of Gas

It might be inappropriate to talk about passing gas out in public, but this is the Internet. We can talk about


Metal In Inappropriate Places

Heavy metal music is awesome. In the right place and time that is. Just for fun, rocker Rob Scallon decided to


Father Arrested At School Board Meeting For Speaking Out Of Turn

William Baer, a father of child at a Gilford, New Hampshire school, was arrested for speaking out of turn at a


Inappropriate Movie Moments To Sing ‘Let It Go’

We all love the award winning song Let It Go from Disney's Frozen. Go ahead hum the tune while at work and sing


Pizza Delivery Guy Throws Pizza Up To Third Story Window

Talk about extreme fast delivery! Thomas Scott Oldbury recorded one pizza deliveryman hand-tossing a pizza up to the customer's window three stories high.


Adorable ‘Are Your Kids Watching The Right Movies?’ PSA

What happens when your kids watch inappropriate television? As is demonstrated in this adorable PSA by Common Sense Media, they


Why Are Bad Words Bad

What makes a bad word bad exactly?  Vsauce explains that even the word 'bad' itself was considered an inappropriate word in