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Natives Build Living Bridge In India

In America, if we need to get across a natural obstacle, the first thing we think of doing is blowing…

Employee Rides Downhill With Train Of Shopping Carts At Indian Mall

At the Iscon Mega Mall in Ahmedabad, India, one employee shows off his skills by speeding downhill with a train of collected…

Train Freeloaders Perform Stunts While Hanging Onto Moving Train

Trains are used far more around the world than in the United States. Here, two crazy kids jump on the…

Painting Perfect Pin Stripes On A Motorcycle Gas Tank

Royal Enfield is an Indian motorbike company that prides its unique hand craftsmanship. Here, a painter shows off his near perfect…

Indian Pizza Hut Employees Dancing

This video from 2007 just exploded in popularity. In India the workers give a little dance show for the customers…

Indian Bag Boy Bags Up Like A Boss

At first I couldn't even tell what he was doing, because he moves so fast. After a couple views, I…

Little Indian Girl Driving Motorcycle With Dad

Most little kids can barely ride their bicycles with training wheels. But this little daredevil is riding a full motorcycle…

Elephant Riders Attacked By Rhino

An elephant ride is interrupted by angry rhino. Oh.   On Assignment: Kaziranga 2008 from gabe deloach on Vimeo.

Girls Orders Indian Food With Google Translate

Using the new Google Translate feature, Google girls enter their order of food into Google Translate and use the new…

Indian Cook Pounds Dough, Throws Flat Bread Perfectly With Out Looking Up

This master chef grabs a ball of dough, smashes it twice, and toss the flat disc to his friend at…



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