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Peg Pants Comedy Sketch

Have you ever been standing in line, and wish you had a chair built into your pants that looked completely


Star Wars Informercials

In honor of the nerdy May the Fourth holiday, The Gamer Chick published this hilarious Star Wars Informercials compilation reel. All the late


Trongs Infomercial

Finger foods are delicious, but some times getting your hands covered in thick, sticky BBQ sauce can be a darn


Naptime! Parody Infomercial

Now that school is out, parents are the ones being tested for the next three months by having to entertain


Hot Pockets Infomercial Parody

Just in time for actual BBQ season comes this ridiculous and humorous Hot Pockets infomercial spoof. Purposefully following all the


Ba’noodle Infomercial Dub

NSFW - language The is a simple bendable wire to help wrap up bags of food and keep them fresh.


Mr. T Old Navy Informercial Parody Commercial

We can all instantly recognize when an informercial starts to play on TV. They all have the same feel, style,


Sticky Buddy Infomercial Dub

Warning NSFW - language Infomercials are always good for a laugh, but after the X-millionth time viewing the same commercial


GoJo Hands Free Infomercial – Headband With Suction Cup To Hold Your Phone

Infomercials are always fun to laugh at, and the latest one making its rounds online is the GoJo Hands Free.


Mini Cocktail Shot Glasses Commercial

Every drinker appreciates a shot glass gift to add to their collection, so why not try these new mini cocktail


Vince Schticky Infomercial Commercial

The famous late night television infomercial host Vince is back from his hiatus since the ShamWow and the SlapChop. Now


Strange Vacuum Hair Cutting Machine Commercial

This strange how to use video teaches us how to operate the Flowbee hair cutting system. I still don't understand