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Sick Dying Taunted Girl, Kathleen Edward, Given Toy Store Shopping Spree And Red Carpet Treatment

Kathleen Edward is terminally ill with huntington disease. Her situation viral when she was taunted by her neighbors. The Internet was…

China’s Got Talent Winner – Liu Wei Armless, Plays Piano With Feet, Performs You Are Beautiful

Liu Wei lost his arms in an early childhood accident. But that didn't stop him from living his life normally,…

Backwards Drawing – Touching Note To Family

A message to his family and friends: 'North Dakota is great....' I don't want to ruin this magical note. You'll…

Kid With Downs Syndrome Scores Touch Down – The Ike Special

Lake Stevens Vikings VS Snohomish Panther. With the score 35-0 and 10 seconds left in the game, the Panthers play the Ike…

Fat Man Loses 120 Pounds Running In One Year

If you need inspiration, just watch this video. This guy was fat and depressed. He had enough with his life,…

Internet Makes Birthday Party For Old Man William J Lashua That He Will Never Forget

Who said the Internet is just full of trolls? People online heard about an old man,William J Lashua, having a birthday…

Poem Video – How To Be Alone

How to be Alone, by Tanya Davis (2009). There are so many situations when being alone is good. Society is…



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