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Rob Scallon Plays Metal On A Sitar

Maybe you know the sitar? An elegant instrument for delightful and soft tunes. At least when Rob Scallon is not…

Assault Trombone

This video of an "Assault Trombone" by CAPTAINQUINN from October 2015 got viral within the last days and catapulted itself…

Life Accordion To Trump

This might be the best video of the week. Hold on to your hats and get your change ready to…

Imperial March Played On A Coffee Stirrer

Not only fans of "Star Wars" are gonna love this video by Истории Рабиновича that is going viral right now…

This Shotgun Guitar Sounds Awesome

This self-built shotgun guitar by Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band sounds pretty amazing. And looks very cool, too. No wonder…


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